How to contribute

1 Contributing

We are always open to new contributions and of course there are several way to do this. At the moment we have no benefit (except glory) working on this project and, to be honest, this is not a problem: we love what we are doing here.

We have few instruments in our self-funded labs, we often use university laboratories for our tests but the access is time limited and not everyone has access to. This lack is something that we can not overcome alone!

Sometimes we get free samples, but many times we buy at our expense devices required to write articles. This unfortunately reduces the number of items we can write each month.

1.1 If you want join us

Send us a cover letter explaining who you are and how you can contribute. Our purpose is to give users a pleasant experience for your main rule is this:

if you can improve it, do it!

1.2 If you are a distributor or a producer

If you can send us free samples, we will be happy to write a review and some articles with our best intellectual honesty highlighting all the positive and negative aspects of what we will receive. If you have some other ideas do not hesitate to contact us anyway.

1.3 If you want to contribute with a donation

You need to know that we will use every penny to improve the work we do on Embedded PLAY!

1.4 If you want to contribute in any other way

If you find errors please report them to us. If you liked an article just share it. When surfing on our website, please disable extensions that block advertisements. With our (non-invasive) advertising revenues of we pay hosting fees to keep the website online.

Just to be clear, even if we do not receive financial donations we will continue to keep PLAY Embedded alive anyway, because we love this “work.”

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