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PLAY Embedded is a blog about embedded systems. We created this blog in the 2015 to share our discoveries with enthusiasts all around the world. This blog is largely focused on the usage of free and open source software.

All the content on this website is created in our spare time, and we have no interest in make any money from this. This blog is completely ads free and we love to get in touch with our small but passionate community: any feedback and suggestion is very welcome.

The founders

ChibiStudio Overview

First interaction with ChibiStudio may feel overwhelming for a new user, given the multitude of buttons and windows, thus the following article tries to give a macro overview of ChibiStudio as a tool and it’s overall structure. The aim is to make the user more comfortable navigating the tool ...

Digital Basics

In digital electronics, a signal can only have two states ON or OFF. While the signal can be encoded, stored and processed as this article will show, fundamentally there are those two logic level states. Logic level refers to a specific voltage or state where a digital signal exists. ...

Microcontrollers 101

In this article we are going to introduce microcontrollers and explain what they are and why those are so popular nowadays. We are going to look into the minimum set of tools that you would need to approach this topic.

A Microcontroller unit or MCU is a single chip that integrates one or ...

How to import a project in ChibiStudio

Import a project

This guide will show you how to import an existing project into ChibiStudio. For this you will need an existing project that is already ready to use. It is strongly recommended to keep projects together in a workspace folder inside C:\ChibiStudio.

To import a project, proceed to File on ...

How to setup ChibiStudio

In this article we are going to see how to setup ChibiStudio, an Eclipse-based toolchain that conveniently helps to develop embedded firmware for different microcontroller families.

ChibiStudio comes as a portable 7zip file that you can find on the Official page of ChibiStudio. This ...