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About US

The history of PLAY Embedded

PLAY Embedded has been created by two students of Electronic Engineering at the DIIn (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale, which stands for Department of Industrial Engineering) from the University of Salerno: Salvatore Dello Iacono and Rocco Marco Guglielmi. The two fellow students spent their spare time making some practical experiences of electronics and decided to share the achieved know-how with their friends.

In the beginning it was just matter of few hours in the afternoon spent talking about embedded, after a while the interest in the subject grew up so much that we decided to develop some short direct-drive video tutorials. Anyway, shortly after, these videos seemed to be too unsuitable for the purposes we wanted to achieve. It was October 2014 when videos were re-edited from scratch and provided in two languages: English and Italian. But despite this, Salvatore and Rocco Marco they were still dissatisfied mainly because the video format was often unfit to explore lunge arguments.

The January 22, 2015, they register the domain and January 24, PLAY Embedded was online for the first time. The goals were two:

  • Helping people to explore the world of embedded systems through our experiences;
  • Have an excuse to make new ones.

Even the website was an excuse: we was almost inexperienced on programming languages for the web. The first version of our website was completely static and written entirely in html and css. Few weeks later it started to take shape PLAY CMS, a content management system developed entirely by the two Co-Founders: the CMS has handled PLAY Embedded for more than a year and has been critical to improve our knowledge of html, css, php and javascript.

Over the course of 2015 the PLAY Embedded team has acquired new authors and translators, and this has led PLAY CMS to be unfit for its purpose. Even if it has kept its style, from April 2016 PLAY Embedded is managed using WordPress.

After a year and an half PLAY Embedded counts several dozen articles provided in two languages and continues to consistently pursue its main objective: helping people to explore the world of embedded systems.

Our team

We are a team of enthusiasts having different learning experiences sharing a common and insane passion for electronics and informatics. Proudly Italians, we mainly work in the Campania region between the Salerno and Naples area.

Most of us is graduated in Engineering and during our training path we have we came in contact with embedded systems. We believe that the “embedded” is a very powerful creative tool: for us it has been the best way to put to use the theory learned between the university benches.


They ensure the high standard quality of PLAY Embedded.

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They propose a pitch of an article and if approved produce valuable content in order to write it.

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They contribute to articles in various way: most common is translating it.

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Play with us

Our team has grown up during last years. If you want to become one of us send us a cover letter explaining who you are and how you can contribute.