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This section contains further readings about STM32 and ChibiOS. These articles are about non-official STM32 based development kit, advanced explanation of ChibiOS mechanisms and insights about notions already introduced in other articles.

Maybe you can live without it, but we suggest to take a look anyway!

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Port a ChibiOS based application to another platform

Port a ChibiOS based application to another platform

We already talked about ChibiOS/HAL design and its multiple architectures support. This is very important for regular developers: imagine a scenario in which you design an application using a certain MCU and after a first stage you decide to upgrade your application. Imagine also that hardware resources on the MCU you decided to use are not enough to make that upgrade. At that point you have to port application on another MCU and this could cost a big effort in terms of time/money. If your application is ChibiOS based and you followed some guidelines already introduced in continue reading...