Duplicate a project

How to duplicate a project in ChibiStudio


The easiest way to start a new development in ChibiOS is to duplicate a previous project. So make sure to have an imported project in your Project Explorer before proceeding. This guide will demonstrate how to duplicate a project.

Step by Step Procedure

Clean the project

  1. Right click on the project folder
  2. Clean Project
Cleaning a project in ChibiStudio

Duplicate the original project

  1. Right click and copy or simply CRTL+C
  2. Right click in the Project Explorer and paste or simply CRTL+V
Copy and Paste a project in ChibiStudio

Name the new project

You can either choose a new name or leave the one assigned by default.

Naming a project in ChibiStudio

Close the old project

Now that you have successfully duplicated the old project, you can close it and start using the new one. To do so:

  • Right click on the project folder
  • Close Project
Closing a project in ChibiStudio

Fix the makefile

If the project you have duplicated was not located in the workspace you need to change a line in the makefile otherwise the build procedure will fail. If you try to build the project then you will get the error “No rule to make target” in the console log.

Typical error caused by the wrong ChibiOS relative path

This issue is cause by the fact that the relative path of ChibiOS folder is different due to the relocation of the copied project. To fix the issue we have to change one line in the makefile. In the case in example the path of the ChibiOS folder is C:\ChibiStudio\chibios2111 while the path of the makefile is C:\ChibiStudio\workspace_user\RT-STM32F469I-EVAL-SDP-CK1Z-NewPrj. Consequently, the relative path of ChibiOS is ..\..\chibios2111 (where double dot refers to the parent folder).

In this case the fix is to amend the line 92 of the makefile as is shown in the following picture.

Fixing the makefile when duplicating a default project

After this fix is done the project will build successfully

Duplicated project build successfully

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