Import a project

How to import a project in ChibiStudio


This guide will show you how to import an existing project into ChibiStudio. For this you will need an existing project that is already ready to use. It is strongly recommended to keep projects together in a workspace folder inside C:\ChibiStudio.

Step by Step procedure

To import a project, proceed to File on the toolbar, you can then select Import:

Selecting the Import option

In the import window, you can choose to import an Existing Project into Workspace.

The project has been selected and can now be imported

In the Select root directory, click browse and locate the project folder that you wish to import.

Select project to import

It is possible to import already available projects downloaded with ChibiStudio. Navigate to C:\ChibiStudio and select the folder for the version of ChibiOS you are using, it may be different to the picture below. It is currently possible to obtain these projects in the demos, testex and testhal folders highlighted below. Inside these folders, you can select the project you wish to import.

Already available demos

The project folder should now appear in the Projects window, click Finish to import the project.

The project has been selected and can now be imported

On the left there is the Package Explorer which will contain all imported projects.

Project successfully imported

If the wrong project was imported, then you can delete them from the Package Explorer by right clicking on the imported project.

Deleting imported project

Now that the import was successful, you can now begin using the project folder:

Project is now available

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